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The free mobility guide (Québec, Canada)

Every year, thousands of people are attracted and fascinated by Québec’s dynamic economy, renowned quality of life and attractive career prospects.
But, whether your plans are to settle permanently or temporarily, you probably have many questions and are wondering how to ensure that your immigration project is as successful as possible. All immigrants will agree that preparation is key. Don’t come to Québec without doing your research. Find out about the job market, improve your French, discover Québec culture, etc. The more you know about your host country, the easier it will be to get settled.
Upon arriving, you’ll have time to assimilate the cultural codes, the ways of thinking and the professional behaviours that may be very different from what you know. This guide can provide helpful information to ensure that your departure is well-prepared and that your arrival in la Belle Province is successful.
Welcome to Québec!

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